Every region has specific characteristics that make it unique. Before you can use Metronamica for scenario analysis and policy support, these characteristics have to be reflected in the system. First of all, the appropriate input data has to be specified when an application is set up. Next, the model parameters have to be configured to provide plausible results for the region at stake — this is called calibration. Whether model results are plausible is determined based on local expert knowledge and similarity with historic data. Due to the complexity of the model, the calibration process cannot be automated, but should be performed manually by experts.

How can RIKS help?

Instead of training staff to become experts, you can make use of RIKS' services. We have experienced modellers that can apply Metronamica to your region with the data you provide. These people are not just experts in using Metronamica, they also know how to interact with local experts or stakeholder groups to learn a region's characteristics before they convey these to the system.

The quality of the calibration depends on the availability of data and local expert knowledge, the foreseen use of the system and the amount of time available. Therefore, we prefer to make a personalised offer when we have a good understanding of your situation. Please contact us if you would like us to configure Metronamica to your region.