RIKS offers its services to help you use Metronamica in an effective way. We offer personalised training to help you learn how to make full use of the system. We can apply Metronamica to your region of interest for you, such that you can focus on its use as a policy support tool. We can also facilitate workshops in which Metronamica is used as a supporting tool and RIKS takes care of all technical aspects. If you are interested in our services, please contact us with a description of your situation.

Customer support

If you would like to use Metronamica hands-on, it is comforting to know that RIKS has excellent customer support. Experienced RIKS staff are available via email to help you achieve your goal. For simple questions you can also refer to the full range of documentation that comes with Metronamica. This explains how to perform common tasks, how to operate the system and how the models work. All documentation is available as a PDF and as integrated help that you can access directly from Metronamica. This way, you can easily consult the documentation while working with the system.


As RIKS is a research and development organisation, we regularly update Metronamica based on the latest scientific and technical developments. New releases are normally provided once or twice a year. A maintenance contract provides you with the latest version of the software whenever updates are released. Your work will automatically be upgraded when opened in a newer version of the software.