Pricing software

The prices for our software licenses are listed in the table below. These are valid for one organisation for an unlimited amount of time. Extensions or a maintenance contract can only be bought in combination with a Metronamica license or if you already own a Metronamica license.

A maintenance contract provides you with the latest version of the software whenever updates are released — normally once or twice a year. Your work will automatically be upgraded when opened in a newer version of the software. See the version history for a list of past releases.

License fees (order here)

Metronamica € 15,000
Maintenance contract €   2,000 per year
Transport extension price on request
Macro-economic extension price on request
Demographic extension price on request

Please contact us to discuss extensions. Educational discounts are available upon request.

All listed prices exclude VAT. The information on this website is provided without warranty and does not obligate RIKS in any way.