Custom extensions

In almost all of the integrated spatial decision support systems (ISDSS) RIKS has developed over the years, the Metronamica models have formed the heart in integrating models of social, economic, physical and environmental processes. Many of these projects have started as a normal Metronamica application and have subsequently been extended with custom models and functionality addressing particular topics. Good examples of what is possible are the Xplorah and LUMOCAP projects.

Besides extending Metronamica with new models, it is also possible to adapt the land use or regional model. For example, a model of land prices has been included to explicitly simulate the effect they have on the development of rich and poor neighbourhoods. In an application for Sri Lanka, we have captured the dynamics of shifting cultivation in the land use model. As part of its research activities RIKS is currently developing an Activity-Based version of Metronamica that not only simulates the changes in land use classes, but also accounts for the number of people living and working on each location.

If you are interested in custom extensions for Metronamica, please contact us with a description of your request.