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Introductory training course 2011

We are happy to inform you of our upcoming introductory training course Land use modelling with Metronamica.

Since the first release of the Metronamica land use modelling software in 1998, RIKS has organised many customised workshops and training courses to educate users on how to work with the package: how to fill it with data, run simulations, interpret results and integrate Metronamica into a wider modelling toolchain. Most of this training was given to users who already had some basic knowledge of land use modelling or Metronamica itself and was focused on specific applications or projects. After many requests for an introductory course that deals with the Metronamica fundamentals, we developed the Land use modelling with Metronamica course to meet those requests.


In this 2-day course, the following topics will be covered:

  • Land use modelling: real-world applications
  • What is Metronamica?
  • How does Metronamica work?
  • Setting up a Metronamica application for a new region
  • Running simulations and interpreting results
  • Integrating Metronamica with other models

There will be plenty of time to discuss land use modelling in general and any specific modelling project you may have in mind or are already working on, and how Metronamica can play a role in those projects.


The course will be held on November 15th and 16th 2011 at the RIKS offices in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Course fee is €500 including lunches and dinners, excluding VAT and lodging. To subscribe, please send an email to Jasper van Vliet with your name, affiliation and number of people attending, and whether you would like assistance with finding a hotel in Maastricht. We will contact you to discuss payment options.

If you want to learn more now about Metronamica, download our brochure with a quick summary of applications.