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  • Metronamica version 4.3 now available.
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What is Metronamica?

Metronamica is a unique generic forecasting tool for planners to simulate and assess the integrated effects of their planning measures on urban and regional development. As an integrated spatial decision support system, Metronamica models socio-economic and physical planning aspects. It incorporates a mature land use change model that helps to make these aspects spatially explicit.

You can use Metronamica to interactively simulate the impact of a variety of external influences and policy measures on the regional development of a city, region, country or even continent. With the integrated scenario support you can conduct what-if analyses that help you evaluate alternative plans or communicate the future problems that need to be addressed today. Since the models of social, economic, physical and environmental processes mutually affect each other, Metronamica presents a possibility for truly integrated analysis of real-world problems and solutions.

Download the Metronamica brochure (PDF).

Worldwide users

Metronamica has been applied to a large number of cities, regions and countries worldwide. It is in use by various governmental and research organisations.

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